Montrose Dental Care services

Dr. Miranda Lucht, DMD


Initial Consult

Each of our clients is unique, with different needs and expectations. It's our job to provide the best dental care possible, according to what's best for each individual patient.


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Preventive Dentistry

  • Comprehensive Exams

  • Digital dental imaging, digital radiographs, panoramic & 3D imaging

  • Incipient lesion and drymouth treatments

  • Comprehensive hygiene program

  • Night guards and sports guards

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Comprehensive Hygiene Program

  • Full Periodontal Evaluations

  • Scaling and prophylaxis

  • Treatment of periodontal disease


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General Dentistry

  • Composite (white) fillings and restorations

  • Onlays, crowns and bridges

  • Veneers

  • Root canal treatment for anterior and posterior teeth

  • Simple and surgical extractions

  • Bone grafting

  • Implant planning and restorations

  • Partial and complete denture planning; denturist referrals

  • TMD and Migraine treatment

  • Sleep apnea screening and referrals


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Children and Adolescents

  • childhood dental/skeletal development, screening and treatment

  • Space maintenance

  • Invisalign braces

  • Develop good oral hygiene habits from an early age


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  • Invisalign (clear) braces

  • Functional appliances for children and adults

  • Clear (removable) and bonded retainers


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  • Invisalign orthodontics

  • whitening

  • veneers

  • gum/tissue laser contouring

  • implants to replace missing teeth crowns and bridges


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  • Migraine treatment

  • TMD treatment

  • Tensing and orthodic fabrication


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